The Team

We have a very close-knit team of guides and instructors, each of whom are passionate about teaching the art and science of fly fishing. All are incredibly enthusiastic about sharing their hard-earned knowledge, and they love nothing more than to help others to advance their skills and understanding of the sport.

Our guides have been working full-time in the industry since 1994 and during that time they have assisted thousands of people with their own personal fly fishing stories.

Read on to learn a little more about each of our guides.

Antony Boliancu

DOB 19/07/1972

First Aid Qualified
Working with Children
Swiftwater Rescue Technician

Antony has guided full-time on the Goulburn River for more than twenty years. He specialises in drift boat fishing and he also leads our trips to Montana and other destinations (Patagonia in Nov-Dec 2017). He loves showing people another side of the Goulburn River, and his knowledge of where to find fish at all river levels is unparalleled.

He spends more time on the oars than anyone else here, often doing 45 drifts in January alone; the result of doing two-a-days when the fishing is especially good.

Antony has done numerous seasons of guiding in NZ and often leads our trips to other parts of the fly fishing world. He has contacts in many, far-flung and exotic destinations, and he can assist you in planning your own trip; or even take you there himself, if time permits.

Further to this, he also runs our websites and takes close-up photos of rising trout in his spare time. You can often find him hanging from a tree in camouflage clothing with a telephoto lens in his hands. Nearly all of the photos you see on this blog are his.

Antony is an avid runner, and he loves to sneak off down the coast (where he was raised) to surf when he gets the time. He has two children, a boy Sasha (6) and a girl Ava (4). His wife Maree is a teacher at the local high school and also runs a small photography business.


Werner Birkner

DOB 07/02/1968

First Aid Qualified
Working with Children

Werner has an abundance of passion and enthusiasm when it comes to working with beginners of all ages. He thrives on the challenge of working with people who may have varying degrees of disability and/or learning difficulties. He says it’s purely by working with kids and handicapped people that he has been able to base his whole teaching philosophy on simplicity and doing the basic things well.

Self-confessed as the “Third Laziest Man” in Victoria, his approach is about making fly fishing easier and less complicated. He practises what he preaches and it only takes a two minute perusal of what he carries in his vest to see how simple he keeps it.

Once people have mastered the basic skills, he can’t wait to take them deep into his world of the streamside, where they experience his up close and personal style of fishing for trout. “I find that getting people close to the fish works a treat when it comes to inspiring beginners; what they don’t realise, is that while they are trying to catch a fish, the fish is actually catching them”.

The other significant role Werner plays is in getting people to that next level whereby they can maximise their skills more efficiently for a drift boat adventure or something even more epic like a New Zealand or Montana trip.

With a background working in Melbourne’s comedy circuit, his sense of humour is evident throughout the course of a day’s guiding. A keen fly tyer, he’s always looking at ways to improve or modify patterns to match local conditions and he enjoys experimenting on his rare days off.

Away from the river, Werner loves nothing more than being a dad to his nine year old son Jed. His pride and joy. His wife Sandra is heavily involved in community services and is well-known around town. They live in the small but thriving country town of Alexandra.

A keen gardener, avid St Kilda fan, along with anything German, he is also a trainer of greyhounds and is partial to a spring carnival punt. Enjoying nothing more than a quiet beer after a satisfying day on the river –  with a joke or two thrown in of course.


Bo Nikolic

DOB 13/02/1968

First Aid Qualified
Working with Children

Bo is a character. Everyone who meets him remembers him and everyone that fishes with him has fond memories of the time spent in his presence. He has traveled extensively and has led a very interesting life to date. Nothing about Bo is what you would call ‘average’ or ‘normal’.

This is part of what makes him such a popular companion on the river or on an extended trip.

He has been guiding for us for the past 10-11 years, but he became a regular fixture in the business back in 1998, when he walked into the shop unannounced-  ‘juggling a soccer ball’ and asking to speak to the ‘Serbian fly fishing guide that works here’.

He really made an entrance that day, and he’s been here ever since.

Bo is an intricate part of what we do. He thrives on teaching casting, and his ability to firstly identify faults and then repair them; is second to none. He and Werner are always the first to ‘throw their hands in the air’, whenever a beginner walks in the door; but they are equally adept at teaching the finer points of fly fishing to the more experienced.

Bo helps with the Montana trips and is now a qualified drift boat guide, after many years under the tutelage of both Antony and David. He also leads and designs custom trips into the back-country or overseas on arrangement. He is patient and fun, as well as enthusiastic and excitable.

He fits the modern definition of the perfect guide.

Despite all of these accolades, Bo considers himself more a hunter than a fly fisher, and he can be often found out in the bush with his compound bow. He is a talented musician (guitar and piano) and he has an innate ability to make people feel at ease from the moment they meet him. As such, he is one of our most requested guides.

Bo has two kids, a boy Sasa (12) and a girl Tiana (11). His wife Virginia, is a stay-at-home mum; tending full-time to the needs of the family while Bo is away guiding.