Idaho & Montana Trips

Fly fish Montana this coming July!

  • the ultimate Montana road trip – we will take you where the fishing is best at the time
  • includes ten nights and nine days guided fishing, all transport and accommodation
  • a mix of guided drift boat and guided wade fishing
  • a completely flexible itinerary

While the trip dates are set out below; we can do any ten-day window between June 24 and Aug 9, for those booking as a group of four.


At a glance

This trip of ten nights and ten days, offers up a wide array of amazing dry fly fishing in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

There are nine days of guided fishing included in the package. Some of the rivers fished include the Missouri, Beaverhead, Madison, Yellowstone, Bighorn, South Fork of the Snake, the Teton River, the Snake River, the Green, the Henry’s Fork; as well as many, many more.

The fishing is as good as anything we have found in all of our adventures around the globe.

We provide you with the guides, accommodation and transport. All you need to do is get yourself there. And if you don’t have a fishing partner; we will find you one.

Pretty simple really.

2018 marks our ninth year of taking groups to this wonderful part of the world. Please read on to learn more about this special trip.

The Details

This trip is sure to offer up some superb fishing opportunities, falling as it does at the very peak of the high-summer fishing season.

It is a trip suitable for fly fishers of all ages and experience levels, and if you can’t bring a friend with you; we will find someone suitable to pair you up with. This is a very popular trip for couples, with two husband/wife pairings attending in 2017 and three the year before.

In 2018, we are departing from our usual schedule of booking guides and accommodation a year in advance, only to be tied down to one location for a ten day period. Instead, we are making this a fishing road trip, and we will go wherever the fishing is best at the time, securing hotel accommodation and guides on the go. By utilising our extensive network of local contacts, we can be mobile, and ensure that we only fishing the very best of the rivers at the time that we visit.

Arriving in Bozeman, Montana, on the Sunday, the fishing starts in earnest the following morning, with nine consecutive days of guided fishing/touring scheduled. These are Mon – Tues  – Wed – Thu  – Fri  – Sat  – Sun  – Mon  – Tue  .

There are numerous nearby options for world class fishing on everything from tiny spring creeks to huge tailwaters; and that’s not even including the rivers of Yellowstone National Park.

While the weekends on previous trips were mostly set aside for sightseeing/touring, we can easily arrange fishing on these days as well. In fact, they are listed as guided days on the schedule. So we can tour, fish, or do a combination of the two.

The pace of these trips will be dictated by the needs and wishes of those who book.

During the trip, the opportunity to fish Yellowstone National Park will arise. Most likely on Slough Creek or the Lamar River, two of the most scenic and wonderful trout fisheries in the USA.

One of the trip leaders, Bo, with a beautiful Montana brown taken on the drift.
The amazing South Fork River is a dry fly fisher’s paradise
Bird’s eye view. Simple too much water to fish
Big dry flies into the banks and technical match the hatch fishing on the gravel bars

In all the locations we travel to, there are dozens of fishing options within a short drive, with spring creeks, tailwaters, meadow streams, pocket-watered canyon-walled rivers, and high country lakes a possibility.

Suffice it to say, that for those wanting to fish till they drop, there are endless amounts of water to explore, and by using our wide base of contacts, we can ensure that you are always on rivers that are fishing well at the time. Conversely, for those wanting to have a ‘holiday’ as well, there are many non-fishing activities to enjoy.

Yellowstone National Park is never far away and provides a very interesting 1-2 day tour via the loop roads. Perfect for the weekend off in the middle of the trip. Bring your binoculars and spot bison, deer, elk, grizzly bears, ospreys and bald eagles and pack a rod to explore any enticing pieces of water that we cross along the way. There are also numerous nearby attractions with the Lower Mesa Falls, Chico hot springs, the towns of Jackson Hole and Bozeman, the battlefield on the Little Bighorn (Custer’s Last Stand), the Grand Teton National Park; as well as many other points of interest.

Other things to note about the trip, is that we are not tied to lodges and all that goes with that. Meaning that we don’t have to be off the water at any particular time for dinner and drinks, and that we don’t have to start at 9am and finish at 5pm. We can start and finish earlier than the other guides, or we can go out twice and end on the evening rise.

It really is up to us as to where and when we fish.

Getting around Montana and Idaho is very easy. The roads are excellent and we have been going there for nearly a decade. In any case, you don’t have to worry about renting vehicles or driving, as we take care of that for you.

The pace of this trip is completely dictated by the individual participants. As there is no large group, or commitment to other guides/lodges. You can fish until you drop, or go at a more relaxed pace. There are nine guided days as part of the package, but each pair can decide what they want to do on a day to day basis.

Meals are not included, but we can grab breakfasts and dinners from one of numerous restaurants, cafes and bars in the areas that we fish. Healthy lunches can also be purchased each morning on the way to the fishing.  Most people can get away spending only $30-40 per day, for all three meals.

All of the rivers that we fish have healthy populations of either wild cutthroat, brook, brown and/or rainbow trout; so this is a trip suitable for everyone. Beginners will find that they catch plenty of fish and advance their skills much more quickly than when fishing the tougher waters back home in Australia. In the past we’ve had an equal number of beginners/experienced fly fishers in the larger groups of up to 20 that we’ve taken, and all have caught good numbers of fish and felt that they were vastly improved anglers upon their return.

Everyone is welcome on this trip regardless of age/skill/fitness level. While it is perfect for a couple of friends, a small group or a husband/wife or father/son pairing; each year some participants book without a fishing partner, leaving it to us to find them someone suitable to fish with. We work really hard to ensure that we pair the right people, sometimes taking several months to ensure that we make the right match.

This trip is a real adventure, to some of the best trout rivers on the planet. The dry fly fishing is without equal, and the value that we are able to offer you by being mobile and not having to be on/off the water by any set time each day, is impossible to replicate.

There is no other trip of it’s kind that we know of. A road trip, with drift boats and guides taking you wherever the best fishing is, across three states.

At trip’s end, you can continue on fishing and travelling on your own. By mid-July the meadow streams in the North-East corner of Yellowstone National Park are coming into their own, with superb walk-wade fishing options that do not require a guide.



DATE                                                      ACTIVITY

SUN      Arrive in Bozeman, Montana. We will collect you and hit the road.
MON    Drift boat fishing guided day included in price
TUE      Drift boat fishing guided day included in price
WED     Drift boat fishing guided day included in price
THU     Drift boat fishing guided day included in price
FRI       Drift boat fishing guided day included in price
SAT      Travel, tour and/or drift boat guided wade fishing included in price
SUN    Travel, tour and/or drift boat guided wade fishing included in price
MON    Drift boat fishing guided day included in price
TUE    Drift boat fishing guided day included in price
WED    Fly home or continue in USA with family or friends


Flying from the east coast of Australia is a relatively simple affair. Flights to Los Angeles depart daily from all east coast capitals. Options flying into San Francisco are also popular and once in the USA there are lots of choices as to how/where you go to arrive. From there it’s a short flight to Bozeman, Montana.

We can assist you to make the correct choice based on your specific itinerary.

Without going into too much detail here, your International flights will cost anywhere between $990 and $2500 AUD (Economy) depending on which airline you fly with and whether there are any specials running at the time you book. Return domestic flights within the USA will run between $99-400 USD (Salt Lake City/Bozeman)).

Please phone us to discuss the options as we can assist you with any and all aspects of this trip.


The trip price is $7,500 USD p.p. This price includes all accommodation (10 nights), 9 days of guided touring and fishing, transport, fuel and all tips. It doe’s not include fishing licences, meals, flies or incidental purchases.

All told this trip will cost you around $9,500-10,500 USD based on the standard package and typical spending amounts. This includes airfares (both INTERNATIONAL and DOMESTIC). A detailed dot point breakdown of all known costs can be forwarded to you upon request.

As a comparison, most fly fishing trips to destinations in the USA cost around $6000-7000 USD for a six day/seven night package just for meals, guiding and accommodation. But you still have to pay for your travel and add at least 20% more in tips, and you are tied to one region/fishery for the duration. Our trip is for ten days, tips are not required, and we are completely mobile, meaning we can move to wherever is fishing best at the time.

There is nothing even remotely like this trip on offer anywhere elsewhere.


 due to our long standing relationships with many people in the fly fishing industry – we can ensure that we can offer you the best fishing available at the time.

  we deal with all the outfitters, guides and accommodation providers in the USA on behalf of our group – meaning that you only deal with us. Transactions are with an Australian company that you can trust (24 years in business) and who you can phone/visit at any time to discuss any aspect of the trip.

 we have extensive experience traveling to and from, as well as within the region (Idaho/Montana/Wyoming). We can assist you with every aspect of the trip; from what gear to pack, to which travel insurance policies are best, and everything else in between. We also know most of the better operators across Idaho / Montana / Wyoming region and can help you to organise any extra time that you may have, either pre or post trip.

 we can offer an amazingly diverse array of world class water to fish. Our contacts span three states and many operate on the best rivers in the USA. This allows us an incredible variety of options on any given day.

 you will be fishing with a carefully selected group of fellow Australian fly fishers. If you are booking on your own, we will ensure that you have someone to fish with.

 a small group of 4 participants plus two of our staff (Antony and Bo).

 Antony and Bo will be with you for the duration of the trip from the moment you arrive in Bozeman, to the time you depart for home ten days later.


1. Phone us to discuss your needs and determine whether this trip is a good fit.
2. Visit the ESTA website and get a Visa waiver for travel to the USA.
3. Organise your travel insurance.
4. Book your spot by paying us $7500 USD


Phone Free Call 1800 458 111 with any questions that you have. We can assist you with all aspects of this trip having lead large groups there since 2010. Whether it is a question about airfares, connection times, visas, travel insurance, or even what fishing gear to pack; we can help you to make the right choices and to avoid most of the problems that people encounter.

Call anytime. We are here to help and would love to have you join our group of Aussie fly fishers visiting Montana in July, 2018.

Please view our price list by clicking here or phone us on FreeCall 1800 458 111 for more information.

Please note the Cancellation Policy before making a booking. ;-)