Do you want flies with that?

Flies make up the vast majority of the products we sell and we list upwards of 200 different patterns, including at least three dozen that are unique to us.

Further to this, we only sell flies that catch fish. There is nothing in our range simply ‘just because it sells’. Each fly has earned its place in our cabinets through being proven fish catchers.

In doing this we’ve had to take a red magic-marker to many standards and old favourites, but in the process we now only stock a solid selection of flies that won’t let you down.

All of our flies are tied on only the best of Japanese chemically sharpened hooks and are constructed using premium materials.

You can select your own flies from our website, or you can phone us and order a Guide’s Choice Fly Pack for the particular water that you will be fishing.

Just tell us where you are going, when you’ll be there and give us a budget; and we’ll do the rest.

For those wanting to see our range of flies, please visit our online shop located here.

We are not sponsored…and never will be

While many in the industry see being sponsored as the holy grail; we have rejected this notion for well over twenty years. We are not going to be betrothed to a manufacturer and have to tell you that is x is better than y for any other reason than it’s the truth.

As such, we only recommend items that we ourselves use in our day to day work as fishing guides. Cutting through the superfluous and focusing on what is truly necessary, innovative, or exemplary – and discarding the rest.

Other gear

We sell a small selection of rods and beginner combos. We also sell lines, leaders, tippet, floatant, tools and other terminal items.

For those looking at high-end rods and reels, we can help you to find the right gear, at the best price; by working with our friends in the USA, where most of this gear is sourced.