Fishing Report FRI 2 MARCH

I’ve been back from NZ for over two weeks now, on what should have been no more than a 4-5 day stint home for a visit to the doctor and a couple of other, ‘irritating’ commitments. While it’s been great to be home on the Goulburn, I am missing the South Island and hanging out with the other guides and clients. Our NZ stint is a lot of fun for everyone, and I find I’m missing the daily fun of just finding fish, and little else.

When I’m home the ‘purity’ of simply ‘just finding fish’, is but a very small part of my day. On the good side is hanging out with my kids and my better half; trail running and maybe some photography. Conversely there are bills to pay, real estate agents to fake a human relationship with, and generally running on vapors from one thing to the next.

November to April is a time when us fishing guides feel like that old ‘Stretch Armstrong’ toy from the mid 70’s.

But then that’s the gig. ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ is probably the most apt saying that comes to mind when thinking about guiding. The vagaries of the weather, the economy; even what sporting events are on, or how people feel when they wake up on the day, all play a part in when, and how the work arrives. There is no certainty in it, and this is reflected in the high ,,,


On the business front there are a few things to mention. We are offering the following trips in the coming months.

Swampy Plain and Tumut River Drifts – in the two weeks after Easter we are running boats down these two wonderful rivers. Please get in quick if you wish to join us, as this is peak time in these valleys and demand is always high once word gets out.

Click here for more info


Goulburn deals –

Book a half or full day drift for two we will throw in a night of accommodation so that you don’t have to drive back late at night. Offer is available on SUN-MON-TUE-WED-THU-FRI IF you don’t have a fishing buddy. We will do the night of accommodation for $99.

Click here for more info

Montana-Idaho-Yellowstone Trip –

This is an amazing offer. A ten day road trip with Bo and myself, touring the best of what the west has to offer. We will have drift boats and a completely open agenda. If you’ve ever wanted to fish this region, or even if you’ve been before with our groups, this is a trip not to be missed. Not being tied to a region 12 months in advance, as per our other trips, means that we can use our local contacts to pinpoint the best fishing at the time and just go there. Wherever that might be.

Phone 0418 995 611 or click here to learn more.

New Zealand 2019 –

We are doing a reduced number of weeks next summer. This year was a test run and the new format has worked really well. We are taking bookings now but we don’t need deposits until late April. Get in quick to secure spots for you and/your group.

Click here for more info

So that’s it for now. We have a huge end to the season planned and will be adding more trips in the coming weeks. Check out these reports for further detail.

All the best guys. Another report after the weekend. Thanks for your support and see you soon.